Steam Boiler

WNS single drum horizontal wet-back three-pass fire tube steam boilers adopt the latest technology, equipped with a large volume combustion chamber, the advanced corrugated furnace pipe structure, and a world-known burner, making the combustion more sufficient and ensuring higher efficiency and lower failure rate. WNS steam boilers are suitable for natural gas, LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas), LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas), CNG(Compressed Natural Gas), waste gas, biogas, city gas, methane, and other gas fuel, diesel, light oil, heavy oil, HFO oil, furnace oil, crude oil, stove oil, residual oil, mazut, kerosene, and other oil fuels.



  • Corrugated furnace: ensure the fuel combustion safe and sufficient; Large furnace heating surface area and satisfying free expansion of the furnace pipe after heating.
  • Spirally corrugated tubes: strengthen heat transfer, reduce smoke tubes and shell size.
  • Wet-back smoke chamber: the whole smoke chamber is inside boiler proper, directly heating water in boiler proper, greatly increase boiler heating efficiency.
  • Three-pass exhausted gas flow: ensure high temperature exhausted gas contacting with boiler tubes adequately, reduce exhausted gas temperature and increase boiler efficiency.
  • Famous brand burner: Italy Baltur, Riello, Germany Weihaupt, Finland Oilon, ensuring high efficiency, good quality and long service time.
  • Large water volume and large steam evaporation space
  • Automatic control system: electrical cabinet receives signals from all gauges and control the whole working system, including burner set on/off, water pump set on/off, water softener, etc.
  • Availability for adjusting steam working pressure.
  • Automatic Alarming system: it has protective functions of over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage, leakage detection and flame out, ensuring safe and reliable operation.



WNS gas/ oil steam boilers are widely used in textile industry, food industry, chemical industry, paper-making industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastics industry, leather industry, laundry machines, printing and dyeing machines, and other industry which need steam or heat energy.






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